The cannabis industry’s transformation continues and we’re excited to partner with you as your business grows. Lucid Green is introducing new technology to help drive direct communication with your customers, as well as significantly improve supply chain efficiencies.

The Source 2.0 – The only Digital Asset Management platform designed from the ground up for Cannabis products


The Source is the only platform you’ll need to manage the digital assets associated with your products. This includes product name, description, imagery, dosage/effects, as well as COAs. The Source is a software platform that enables brands to ensure that their products are being described accurately throughout the entire supply chain. Allow distributors, dispensaries, labs, on-line stores to use the RIGHT information, packages shots, product names when it comes to describing your products. The Source is a database of your product SKUs that allows you to enter the data once and have all of this product information pushed to all downstream systems automatically, including your consumers. One change in The Source propagates product information down to dispensary menus, eCommerce sites, the Lucid app and more.

The Source allows you and your brand to have complete control and management of how your products are described throughout the entire supply chain. All managed in one place by you.

Eliminate secondary stickering at any level of the supply chain

The introduction of Lucid Green CaseIDs is the most impactful improvement the cannabis industry has seen in years. Distributors no longer have to add additional stickers to products to track METRC and other seed-to-sale tags. It’s all done at inception. LucidIDs are applied to the regulatory label at the time of manufacture or testing and then associated with Lucid CaseIDs. LucidIDs are unique for each individual product item and contain all the product information associated with that product including the COA. Lucid CaseIDs record all LucidIDs contained within that case, including METRC/Leaf/Biotrack manifest information. As the product goes from manufacturer to distributor and onto the dispensary, all regulatory information is updated and is immutable (once information is written into the system it cannot be altered it can only be added to). As a case moves through the supply chain, it accumulates more information which can be retrieved by scanning the Lucid CaseID.

Lucid Green is committed to breaking down the data silos that exist in Cannabis today and has developed a comprehensive suite of APIs that allow this information to be integrated directly into any ERP, WMS, or POS system.

Touchless COA – Never manually enter any lab test results ever again…

Lucid Green has automated the assignment of COA information onto the regulatory label. Lucid Green integrates with Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS) of your cannabis testing labs, which removes a significant portion of administrative and data entry burden from compliance/ops/production teams.

Once test results are available from a lab, they are automatically pushed to Lucid Green’s platform for approval by your compliance team. Once approved, batches are available for regulatory label printing with zero manual intervention. Just select the SKU, batch, printer, and number of labels to print and you are done.

LucidIDs with New CTA (Call-To-Action)

When cannabis consumers scan LucidIDs they learn more about your brand and product; they can authenticate products to ensure they’re only consuming legitimate products and they can earn brand rewards yielding stronger loyalty to your brand. Based on field research and consumer testing, Lucid Green has introduced a clear call-to-action that explicitly motivates your consumers to engage with your brand. The CTA “Scan to (L)Earn” as shown here:

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