How does one actually rate a cannabis product? Far too often, THC has been the barometer for good cannabis vs bad cannabis, yet THC levels don’t even equate to how high a person will get. ​ “Not only does THC content have nothing to do with how ‘good’ the weed is, as recent research conducted by the University of Colorado and published in JAMA Psychiatry found, THC content is also a poor indicator of potency.” (Source)

Everyone wants the right “high” – and that is partially subjective and objective. According to Weedmaps, “there’s the combination of how the strain’s chemical compounds, like terpenes and cannabinoids, react with one another. Then, there’s how the plant’s chemical makeup reacts with your unique endocannabinoid system. And finally, how all of this reacts with you, while you are reacting to your surroundings.”

If you are a cannabis brand or retailer, how do you make sure your customers optimize their cannabis experience? The answer is simple – make sure you have LucidIDs on your cannabis products. 

LucidIDs allow your customers to know exactly what cannabinoids and terpenes are present, as well as THC levels via the digitally recorded COA (certificate of analysis). And that is the starting point, but not the end. As mentioned above, an individual cannabis experience is also dependent upon one’s unique endocannabinoid system. 

Every individual is going to react to various cannabis strains differently. They need a mechanism to record the product they have ingested, the quantity, and their reaction. When using the Lucid Green App, all your scanned products are automatically saved in the individuals’ own Stash Cabinet. The Stash Cabinet allows customers to record their experiences with specific products, dosage, and usage.




If cannabis brands want to ensure the optimal cannabis experience as customers use their products, they will do so by making sure LucidIDs are on their cannabis packaging. If consumers want to zero in on a personalized euphoric cannabis experience, they will record their product experiences in their personal and secure Stash Cabinet within the Lucid Green App – available for IOS and Android.


Be responsible! Enjoy your cannabis!