Eliminating the administrative burden of COA and Regulatory Label Management, saving time, and removing errors in the process.

Lucid Green’s place in the supply chain puts us in a unique position to identify some key operational efficiencies possible in the current cannabis ecosystem and introduce solutions that not only drive better and more cost-effective processes, but also ensure consumer safety.

For the past 2 years, we’ve been solving the automatic generation of regulatory labels that include our unique LucidIDs, and with now almost 9 Million LucidIDs in circulation, we’ve ironed out almost all of the challenges! This journey has also led to the realization that our unique and automated systems can eliminate the need for ANY manual data entry of COA (certificate of analysis) data received from labs all the way through the generation and application of the regulatory label on retail products.

How do we do it?

Brand Operation and Production Teams receive digital copies of COA’s from participating Test Laboratories that are fully integrated into Lucid Green’s “LucidSource.” Once approved by the Brand compliance team, that test result data is stored, managed, and processed by Lucid Green’s LucidSource, which transforms it into the inputs required for regulatory label generation. From the Brand’s LucidSource console, a production team member selects the approved SKU and Batch ID, enters a number of units to print, and LucidSource generates the complete regulatory label with embedded unique LucidIDs and prints them automatically on-premises, ready for use.  There’s no more label template management and editing, manual data entry of test results on the plant floor, and certainly no more mis-types and mistakes made when generating thousands of compliance labels with dozens of numbers that change for each product batch and SKU. Plus, LucidSource keeps a digital archive of all approved COAs for future use.

Value for Downstream Partners

Creating Digital COA’s and storing them in a centralized system like LucidSource allows Distributors, Retailers and Consumers alike to access this data, and enables the Brand to demonstrate the authenticity of their product and the accuracy and precision of the lab analysis that backs up their quality.

We continue to challenge ourselves to help solve the biggest problems and reduce the inefficiencies facing our growing Brand base.