No. Trust and transparency is not over-hyped for the cannabis industry. Trust and transparency should be table stakes for EVERY cannabis company and should not be viewed as a differentiator. Cannabis brands must provide transparency on the products they provide in order to gain consumer trust.

Let’s face it – there has been no shortage of misinformation as it relates to cannabis for the past five decades when the war on drugs was launched. All cannabis brands support the end of cannabis prohibition and the worst thing they can do is to avoid complete transparency when it comes to the products they produce and provide. If we want complete legalization of cannabis at a federal level, the worst possible scenario is to avoid complete transparency. If we want to transform public perception and build trust with cannabis consumers, everyone in the cannabis industry must provide factual information. Any efforts to overstate claims, hide product ingredients, and mislead the public in any manner can kill public trust and stop the momentum for legalization of cannabis across the U.S..


Lucid Green’s Commitment to Trust & Transparency 

Lucid Green is committed to trust and transparency in the cannabis industry and we provide cannabis brands the tools to do so as well. We created the LucidID, an on-pack UPC (unique product code) which empowers the consumer with the knowledge they need to have a safe, predictable, and enjoyable experience. And LucidIDs allow brands to deliver trust and transparency to their consumers.

Most states that have legalized cannabis require cannabis products to be tested via an independent lab prior to cannabis packaging and sale. (See – Cannabis Testing Regulations for more information, state-by-state.) The outcome of these “tests” on cannabis batches are a COA (certificate of analysis). A COA is a verified document that provides details about the testing lab, the brand and product, along with the potency of the product and ingredients it contains. Once a cannabis batch test has been completed and the batch is broken into individual products, every product label to be printed is automatically updated with the COA and can be viewed by anyone by simply scanning the LucidID on the cannabis package. The digital copy of the COA for that batch is stored in the LucidID database. 


Lucid Green Trust & Transparency for Brands 

For our brand partners it means taking action steps to promote and support those companies who are doing business responsibly and ethically. This makes a positive change in our industry and empowers the consumer with the knowledge they need to have a safe, predictable, and enjoyable cannabis experience.


Lucid Green Trust & Transparency for Consumers

For consumers, it means everyone, everywhere can have on-demand access to accurate, valuable, and trusted information – where they need it, when they need it. By doing this we enable the public to have confidence when purchasing and peace of mind when consuming.


We urge you to work diligently to create trust and transparency in the entire cannabis industry. The industry must band together to drive trust and transparency.

Let us know how we can help you in this manner. If you want more information or someone from Lucid Green to follow up with you, please email us at