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WeedTech innovator taps seasoned growth leader to head marketing operations as company expands its information sharing platform.

NEW YORK, Aug. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Lucid Green, the leading trust and transparency platform in the cannabis industry, today announced the appointment of Marco Rullo as Chief Marketing Officer. Rullo brings over a dozen years of senior executive experience, the past six in the cannabis industry.

“Brands no longer have to settle for consumers receiving off-book and ad-libbed details about their products and what their brand stands for. We’re allowing brands to update their product details or brand messaging as they see fit, and have these changes propagate instantly throughout the entire retail channel,” says Larry Levy, Co-Founder and CEO, Lucid Green Inc.

In this new role, Rullo will oversee the management of the Lucid Green brand, including insights, creative development, social accountability, media, and communications. Rullo will also be responsible for the creation and development of Lucid Green’s Los Angeles office.

“Marco’s experience provides an unparalleled understanding into the challenges inherent to the cannabis industry,” said Larry Levy, company Co-founder and CEO. “Our platform bridges the information gap between brands, retailers, and consumers and we are relying on Marco to link the innovations of Lucid Green’s product team to our customer-focused operations.”

Prior to joining Lucid Green, he acted as VP of Brand Strategy for Origin House, building the California Brands division and overseeing a portfolio of owned and licensed brands. Rullo has also served as Executive Director of Bhang Corporation’s California vape division, and has an MBA in Behavioral Economics from Bocconi University’s SDA School of Management.


About Lucid Green
Lucid Green was founded in early 2018 by data veterans Paul Botto and Larry Levy with a singular mission of building a standard for trust and transparency in the cannabis ecosystem. Lucid Green’s revolutionary information platform provides brands a channel to connect directly with both consumers and retail staff; enabling brands, distributors, and retailers to provide the most accurate product information and improve their customers’ experience. Lucid Green’s total transparency platform allows consumers to verify product authenticity, understand effects and usage recommendations, view test results, scan reviews, and track their experience – all in one place. For more information, please visit