We get it! The regulatory demands in the cannabis industry are onerous, challenging, time-consuming, and bite into profits. 


One key element of this operational overhead is the processing and delivery of cannabis labs COA (certificate of analysis). While COAs are vital to the legal cannabis industry as they provide trust and transparency to the ultimate consumer, processing and recording COAs with specific cannabis batches and product units are far from effortless.


Lucid Green Touchless COA

Lucid Green is committed to and has been working with brands, distributors, and retailers to help each entity in the cannabis supply chain optimize their operations. Our most recent development provides the ability to automatically create regulatory labels from COA data.


Once a cannabis batch test has been completed and the batch is broken into individual products, every product label to be printed is automatically updated with the COA and can be viewed by anyone by simply scanning the LucidID on the cannabis package. The digital copy of the COA for that batch is stored in the LucidID database. Not only has this given our partner brands a net neutral way to include our LucidIDs on their packaging, but it has also streamlined their label creation process. All brands have to do at this point is select several fields and print versus receiving COAs and updating label templates manually in most cases. 

Annisa Fonseca, Operations Supervisor, Rove Brand says “Using Lucid Green’s touchless COA has made our process incredibly more efficient from a production standpoint. This process creates less labor for our packagers, along with less chances to make mistakes that can ruin entire batches of labels. Label templates are already laid out ready to go with a mouse click. It also tracks how many labels you have already printed so there is no possibility of double printing labels.” 

Lucid Green integrates with Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS) of your cannabis testing labs, which removes a significant portion of administrative and data entry burden from compliance/ops/production teams. Once test results are available from a lab, they are automatically pushed to Lucid Green’s platform for approval by your team. Once approved, batches are available for regulatory label printing with zero manual intervention. Just select the SKU, batch, printer, and number of labels to print and you are done.  

Lucid Green’s touchless COA eliminates the back and forth of the email approval processes and any sort of data entry or human controlled transfer of information onto stickers; thus significantly reducing the risk of errors. Compliance managers get to view the COA data as the labs provide it, approve it, and ensure that the right information is printed on regulatory stickers, as they would want it to appear.

Touchless COA also provides full COA management to all batch testing information for other entities in cannabis supply chain operations like distributors and retailers.


Touchless COA Value Summary

Value for Cannabis Brands

  • Full automation of label creation process
    • Ops/Production Teams no longer receive and manually pass along COAs
    • Print Labels when ready
  • Further elimination of administrative or data entry errors
    • Data passes directly from testing lab to Lucid Green
    • No more emails highlighting COAs or hashing out specifics

Value for others in Cannabis Supply Chain Management

  • Simplification of COA utilization, tracking and storage in one platform
    • No more follow up with brands for COA information for specific batches
    • Access to all COAs for Retail audit purposes in one place via a simple search on the LucidRetail dashboard.