Edibles Have Made a Huge Breakthrough Throughout 2020

For the first time, edible cannabis category growth surged past overall cannabis industry growth year over year. In 2020, edible sales rose by 60%, from $767 million to $1.23 billion (Headset) compared to industry growth, which grew only 54%. And it was not just recreational use. In California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington the surge was seen in both recreational and medical cannabis.  

Why the Explosive Growth?

Many experts believe that COVID-19 has been a major driver for why edibles are growing faster than other categories. Because it is a respiratory illness, some may want to enjoy cannabis this way to reduce the risk of compromising their lungs through inhalation. Cannabis is also often seen as a communal experience and, with increased sanitary protocols, it may be easier to share gummies or pieces of chocolate than a joint, bong, or bowl.  We know that many cannabis consumers, particularly those that fit into an older demographic or have children, are more likely to want a more discreet cannabis experience. With so many new consumers entering the market, it could be the fact that quality edibles are readily available in far more markets now serving that population. But is there another industry change that has helped propel edibles to new heights?

New Edibles Users Need Guidance

Many new users have learned that edibles deliver a very different experience than traditional inhalation methods.  They can have an onset of well over an hour, a duration of more than three hours, and depending on the dose can produce a result somewhere between mild relaxation to vivid hallucinations. The long onset is often what throws consumers off.  They don’t feel anything after 45mins, take another gummy, and inadvertently give themselves a wild ride that seems to last forever thanks to that long duration.  Some believe that the proliferation of tools and expert guidance often found right on the packaging, have given consumers comfort in finding their ideal dose and may have paved the way for edibles to see this massive jump in adoption.  Lucid IDs, small QR codes integrated directly on the package, deliver exact product details, dosage recommendations, and allow you to track your own personal dose for the ultimate predictability and safety.

At a minimum, a brand should include dosage guidance on the packaging.  But on-pack Lucid IDs go so much further. A consumer simply points their cell phone camera at the packaging to unlock the most comprehensive product details, dosage guidance and tracking, consumer-friendly test results, and even authenticate purchased products. This is the best way to ensure the user has the best and most predictable experience possible and form the deepest connection to the brand and product.

If the industry wants to grow and open its doors to novice or experienced users wanting to try edibles again, dosing education for all products needs to be top of mind to ensure a great and consistent experience.  For brands, it is a no-brainer to get Lucid IDs on every package right away. It has zero impact on production costs and line time and only costs pennies.  For consumers new to edibles: always look for dosage guidance on-pack and if you See a Lucid ID, Scan a Lucid ID, to have the best and safest experience every time.