QR Codes are old technology. Over their 20 years of existence, the technology has for the most part stayed the same. Scan the code, get information. So why is this older piece of tech having such a resurgence? 

It’s no secret that the QR code has had quite the year ever since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. 

Old Technology Finally Finds its Calling

Restaurants and bars are a perfect example. People wanted to support their favorite restaurants but were uncomfortable with what eating at a restaurant entails. Close proximity to others was handled with reduced capacity, but menus hold a whole other issue. Plenty of people would be touching the menu every day so a QR code was a perfect touchless solution to this problem. Customers could scan the code and get all the same information in a clean and sanitary way.

People are more comfortable with QR code technology now more than ever largely due to restaurants. This created a great opportunity for companies and brands to provide information to their customers in a quick, and safe way. But imagine your favorite restaurant provided a unique code per table. This could allow the customer to view their menu, get an itemized list of what they ordered, get the server’s details, earn rewards depending on what they ordered, and even pay their bill without having to hand over their card to the server. This is what Lucid Green is doing for the cannabis industry. 

Lucid Green bridges the gap between brands and consumers, modernizing how they can connect with one another. The foundation on which Lucid Green was created was to optimize the cannabis experience across the entire supply chain. We do this by promoting trust and transparency at every step of the production process, from growers to consumers and everyone in between. One Lucid ID can provide the consumer with all product information laid out in an easy-to-understand way, from cannabis veterans to novices, everyone should be able to know what is in their product and whether or not it is authentic. Brands can provide rewards to their customers which can be redeemed in-app. Dosage logs are available through the app so the user can track their dose and know for next time exactly how much they should be taking. The possibilities are endless, but finally, the cannabis industry is beginning to use QR codes as a legitimate tool to provide value to their customers. 

The Technology Doesn’t Matter, User Behavior Does

Technology is just the means by which we communicate with each other. Consumers to the brands, and vice versa. QR codes have been in circulation around the world for 20 years, but really only became popular over the past couple of years. This is clear proof that the technology we use matters far less than the information that we provide. Soon, touchless information will grow and change from what we currently know with QR codes. Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology and other similar technologies are coming. These technological advancements are only useful if marketers continue to provide valuable and meaningful user experiences through the use of this technology. 

Companies such as Lucid Green will continue to adapt to the ever-changing market. The mission of the company is not our Lucid IDs, but the information that our IDs can provide, and the value given to brands, customers, and dispensaries. We care about giving everyone in the cannabis supply chain the power, through our information and data, to optimize everyone’s cannabis experience in a trusted and transparent way. We will continue to deliver value to the entire cannabis industry supply chain – from producers all the way down to consumers.